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We are excited to offer a plan in which both Families and Independent Domestic Workers can negotiate a comfortable mutual rate and schedules between themselves. This will cut out many of the overheads that a Nursing Home or Non-Medical In Home Care Agency would need to charge, (reducing the cost for you).


What we do as a Referral agency is to make the choice easy for you by matching your requirements with the most qualified local caregiver/domestic worker.

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What We Do:

Make sure all referals are:

  • Available, Qualified, Able to Pass a Background Check and Legally able to work in the USA.
  • We can offer direct deposit, and take care of the 1099’s for them.
  • We summarize payments received and send Client Summary at the end of the tax year.
  • Family and Domestic Worker will negotiate all schedules and compensation rates between them.
  • Once an agreement has been reached you advise us and we take it from there.
  • We send an agreement letter to the person responsable for Private Pay and offer payment by  invoice, credit card, or PayPal.
  • You are not the Employer (unless you decide to offer employment when you would need to cover payroll taxes and workers compensation).
  • Most of our clients will inform their Home Owners Insurance Agency that they have an in-home worker to make sure their policy covers general liability (it usually does but if not a rider can be attached).

Our Fee:

Our fee is very  negotiable,  tell us what you want to pay per hour and we will give you an immediate

Client Rate. We work with Independent Domestic Workers who will also tell us what their hourly rate is

so we work for both the family/client and the care provider finding a good fit for both.   A live- in position

can sometimes allow for sleep time, meals,  board and lodging and you should always get in writing  the

arrangement both parties have agreed to. This needs to be signed and dated.

Our Mission

Recent Testimonials

Just want to say we could not be happier with Veronica. She has so improved the quality of my Dad’s life. I can’t say enough about her work. Thank you for finding the perfect person for us Patricia.

Terri G.

April 26 2018

My mum who is 89 years of age and lives with us in California and began experiencing health challenges that became a cause for concern. We spoke with several agencies and talked to a nurse, but the fees were so high. After so much pressure, I went online and found AllHomeCareSolutions, a referral agency that finds professional care providers based on proximity and patient’s requirements. We called them immediately and were very pleased with the referral they sent to us. We were able to work out a rate that we could afford and have been very pleased with the professionalism of both the care provider and company.
RoseMarie J.
March 6 2018

Dear AllHomeCareSolutions, I must say I am really delighted to have found you.  Anna, the care provider you have sent to us is nothing short of an angel and we love her for that. She displays so much compassion and tolerance while on duty. I must say we are really blessed to have met her and your company is truly awesome. Thank you.

Hilario M.

May 3 2018